How GPS Receives a Shipment of Oil Shield Gloves

Have you ever wondered how we get oil shield gloves and other GPS products to you? 


Well let’s start with the process of receiving oil shield gloves to our warehouse.


A truck comes into our loading dock with boxes of product and then the race is on. 


Every member of the team puts forth effort to get all of the boxes into our building quickly and efficiently. 


Boxes are stacked on wooden pallets until they are filled with just the right amount.


Each pallet is one type of glove of the same size.


For Oil Shields, there would be a pallet for each size and length such as a pallet of medium gloves that are twelve inches long.


Once a wooden pallet is full then it is taken into our building to its designated area.


And that is how we are one step closer to getting those products to you.

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